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Bookings are full now until September

Currently we have our daycare on hold due to our overnight

visitors. Daycare will be available again in the fall.

If booking remember

dogs must be up to date with shots ( for the protection of all our pet visitors)

non aggressive with dogs and cats ( we have a senior cat)

and no bookings without a meet and greet

Reaching us is easy just email

we do not book by phone so the more information you

can provide in your email including a picture will help

we can accommodate 3 dogs - medium to toy size only

It's our house and not a kennel

thank you


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Hello everybody we continue to offer overnight stays to up to 3 pups max. Due to the size of our place we will continue with medium to small dogs only our fees will remain the same $30 for overnights

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Daycare is back at $25 per day from 9am until 5PM.Overnight stays are $35 a night. We will be away this Christmas from the 23rd of December until the 30th. thanks Gerry


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